Effective Websites

Effective Websites Are No Accident


Start with a Purpose

From the outset, define a clear purpose. It could be as simple as selling a product or as complex as building a social network for a specific niche. This simple exercise (defining a clear purpose) will shape the scope and direction of your online presence while providing a foundation for your entire strategy.


Content Strategy

Content is the starting point for everything. Without first rate content, design is nothing more than decoration. Your content should be geared towards one person — the user. Keep the focus on the user and how to engage that user with your site’s purpose by developing an effective content strategy.


Design and the Bottom Line

Opinions on good design can vary — sometimes radically. Good design will get the job done. Great design draws users in, immerses them in your site and elegantly invites them to join with you in fulfilling your site’s purpose. Properly executed design sets you apart and positions you squarely ahead of the competition.


Focus on the User

Often, we forget that our websites are used by real human beings. By making the user our top priority, we strive to provide a seamless, intuitive experience that enhances success and makes the user want to return often. Engaging users creates value, increases retention and maximizes your site’s value.