About Us

About Us

Our goal is to enhance your online presence & help you to place your message in front of the world.

A Few Words About Us

P12 Media is a small web design studio owned and operated by Joe Stallard, a freelance web designer residing in the Indianapolis area.

With a diverse background spanning the creative fields of graphic arts, photography and furniture design — as well as a business background in sales, marketing and business development — P12 Media brings a unique perspective to designing and building highly effective websites for select markets.

Every project we undertake receives the full benefit of these skills and experience, ensuring that your website is not only effective but a genuine asset.

We’ve had the great pleasure and experience of working with clients, top design agencies and software developers from around the globe in bringing some exciting projects to the web.

These strategic partnerships and contacts are frequently brought into play with some of the more complex projects that we undertake.

Providing you with a finely crafted and highly effective website is what we’re about.

Perhaps it’s time that we worked together on bringing your next project to the web.

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